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shim shim shim
shim Mary Ann YOUNG


b. abt. 1809
Somerset, Eng
d. 24 Jun 1898[21]
Sth. Melbourne, Victoria

Father: James Cleal
Mother: Sarah Gawler
1st. Married
21 Sep 1829,
St. George
off Hanover Square,
London, Eng
b. ?
d. abt. 1840

Father: ?
Mother: ?

I have yet to find Jacob's actual christening or birth . I learnt who his parents were from his marriage certificate (as in Australia both parties must this state this information). Any child of James and Sarah's born after 1807 appears not to have been christened as both of Jacob's younger sister's had themselves baptised as adults.
Jacob and most of his siblings were living in London , Eng , in the late 1820's and the 1830's.
Jacob's 1st marriage was by Banns, the witnesses being Daniel Cleal (Jacob's brother) and a C . Lanham (this is, I think , Catherine Lanham who married Daniel). In fact , between 1827 and 1833 at least five of Jacob's siblings married in this same church.
Jacob and one of his siblings , Daniel , emigrated to Toronto/Hamilton , Ontario , Canada, in the early 1840's
Recent research has turned up the fact that both Jacob and Daniel would have lost everything they had, in the 'Great Fire of 1849', that practically razed Toronto to the ground. Both of their businesses were extremely close to the seat of the blaze, in fact 162 King St. East is where the blaze originated, in a stable behind Covey's Inn, a popular drinking spot of the day (also known as Graham's Tavern).
It is hard for me not to speculate that Jacob owned the Inn in question, at the time in question, as he certainly owned similar establishments in Melbourne, Australia for many years. He had certainly owned 162 King St. East, in 1847, 2 years prior to the blaze. (You can follow the provided link to an account of the events of April 7th 1849, kindly provided by Bruce Bell). (By 1850-51 this property was owned by William H. Smith, surgeon dentist).
Regardless of speculation, the financial loss for the brothers would have been daunting. Losing their livelihoods and their homes all in one night! According to the 1850-51 trade directory they stayed around and rebuilt. A steam mill, was erected on the site of Daniel's old business (prior to this, the site had been a cemetery but the bodies were removed and the area built into a business district). Why the brothers left Toronto after going to all the trouble of rebuilding is a mystery?!
Jacob returned to England sometime around 1852, he appears to be staying with his sister Hannah Langston in St Luke's, Chelsea and it is here that he married his second wife Helen TANNER in Aug of 1852. Whether or not his brother Daniel was with him is unclear.
Not long after this marriage, Jacob emigrated to Australia, bringing with him his second wife Helen. Helen died in childbed just 4 years later (what happened to the child is unknown, it was either stillborn or died shortly after birth), leaving Jacob a widower, yet again.
Daniel seems to have, once again, been with his brother during the 1850's in Melbourne, Australia.
Jacob remarried in 1857 to Elizabeth Druce and had 11 children by her. There is some evidence that Jacob managed to maintain some form of communication with his two eldest daughters, by his first wife. His son Willie (by his third wife), went into business in 1883, with one of his grandson's, William Alexander Blake (the son of Jacob's daughter Emma). Jacob didn't leave Australia again and lived out his life in Melbourne, Victoria.
Listed at various times as: Green Grocer (Rosabella's baptism 1832), Baker (Toronto directory 1846), Farmer (Canadian census 1851), Carpenter & Joiner (Aug 1852, 2nd marriage cert), Builder (3rd marriage cert. 1857), Boarding house-keeper 1859-1963 (Sand's & Mcdougall Business Directories), Cafe' Owner 1864-1867 (Sand's & Mcdougall), Hotel-Keeper 1868-1878 (Sand's & Mcdougall), Gentleman (Jacob's death cert. 1898), Licensed Victualler (Rosabella's death cert. 1925).

  1. FREDERICK CLEAL[21] bap. 9 Jun 1830, St. Anne's, West Minster, London, Eng - died young

  2. ROSABELLA CLEAL[21], b. 6 Dec 1831, St Anne, Westminster, London, Eng - m. 31 Jul 1848, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to William BARRETT

  3. EMMA PRISCILLA CLEAL[21], b. 23 Sep. 1834, bap. 8 Mar. 1835, St. Pancras, Old Church, London, Eng - d. 23 Dec. 1914[20], Lara, Victoria
    1st m. 14 Sep 1854, Christ Episcopal, Hamilton County, Ohio to Robert BLAKE (d. 1855, North America)
    Children: Emma Priscilla CLEAL 2nd m. 23 Oct. 1860[20], St. Paul's Church, Melbourne, Victoria to William George TAYLER (1829-1879)
    Children: Emma Priscilla CLEAL 3rd m. 14 Sep. 1880[20], Melbourne, Victoria to Robert Bell WALKER (1833-1899), a widower with 11 young children.

shim shim
shim Helen TANNER
2nd Marriage
10 Aug 1852
St Luke's, Chelsea, Eng
bap. 24 Feb 1815
Hampshire, Eng
d. 15 Sep 1856[21],
Melbourne, Victoria

Father: Moses Tanner
Mother: Lydia Sims

  Notes: Helen appears to have died in childbed (listed as Accouchement & Puerferal Fever on her death certificate), though there is no record of the birth in Victorian Records. The baby was either stillborn or died shortly after birth and was probably buried with it's mother (the baby is not mentioned in the burial register). The child is noted on Jacob's third marriage certificate, unnamed and deceased.

shim shim
shim Elizabeth Amelia Druce
3rd Marriage
10 Mar 1857[21]
St. Stephen's Church,
Richmond, Victoria
b. abt. 1836
Liverpool, Lancashire, Eng
d. Aug 1922[20],
Glenhuntley, Victoria

Father: William Druce
Mother: Mary Hatch

  1. FREDERICK CLEAL[21], b. 1858[20], Emerald Hill, Victoria - d. 2 Mar. 1858[20], Emerald Hill, Victoria

  2. HARRY CLEAL[21], b. 1859[20], North Melbourne, Victoria - d. 9 Sep. 1893[20], South Fitzroy, Victoria - m. 1886[20], Victoria to Margaret SWALLOW (remarried 1895, to William Leicester ROGERS)

  3. WILLIE CLEAL[21], b. 1861[20], North Melbourne, Victoria - d. 11 Jun. 1925[20], Malvern, Victoria - m. 1886[20], Victoria to Anna Maria Winfred HANSLOW (1862-1936)
    Victorian Traveller (Trade Magazine):
    " Obituary:- It is with sincere regret that we refer to the death of that old and worthy member of the Association, W. Cleal, which occured suddenly on June 11. his death has removed one of the most popular and successful travellers in the aerated water trade in Melbourne. He had practically been in that business all his life, first as a young man on his own account and subsequently from 1887 as a representative of the late G.H. Elliot. He remained with that firm until the time of his death, being admitted to a partnership in 1901. Since 1908 our late member and another worthy C.T.A. member, Mr. H. C. Elliot, had been sole partners. The late Mr. Cleal was highly esteemed in the trade, as was evidenced by the fact that he had been Chairman of the Aerated Water Manufacturers' Association for the past two years, a position he held at the time of his death. He was apparently in the best of health a few days before he passed away, and had made arrangements to leave, with a fellow-member on a holiday to the country on June 12. Returning to his home on the evening of the 10th, however, feeling very tired he retired to bed in great pain and slept little during the night. The next day he remained at home and seemed much better; in fact he was able to sit up in bed, but had a recurrence of his trouble, angina pectoris, to which he suddenly succumbed at about 7 p.m. The funeral took place on June 13, the Association being represented by Commiteeman G. A. Grant. The late Mr. Cleal leaves a widow and grown-up family of eleven, to whom our sincere sympathy is extended in their sad and sudden bereavement."

  4. MINNIE CLEAL[21], b. 1862[20], Melbourne, Victoria - d. 2 Jan 1935[20], Elsternwick, Victoria - m. 15 Jan 1890[20]Nth. Carlton, Victoria to Henry MORTON (1862-1923)
  5. ELIZABETH "Lizzie" CLEAL[21], b. 1863[20], Melbourne, Victoria - d. Dec 1863[20], Richmond, Victoria

  6. EDWARD WILLIAM CLEAL[21], b. 1864[20], Melbourne, Victoria - d. 1895(?)(admitted to Kew Asylum, 16.5.1885, noted as died 5.7.1895)

  7. GEORGE CLEAL[21], b. 1867[20], Melbourne, Victoria - d. 16 Sep. 1935[20], Carnegie, Victoria - m. before 1909 to Annie Elizabeth HEARNE (d. Apr. 1944[20])

  8. CHARLES ALFRED CLEAL[21], b. 1868[20], Melbourne, Victoria - d. Apr. 1869[20], Melbourne, Victoria

  9. CHARLES JACOB CLEAL[21], b. 1871[20], Melbourne, Victoria - d. 9 Aug 1933, New South Wales, - m. 1905, New South Wales, to Marie LAUTIER (d. 1954)

  10. ELIZABETH AMELIA CLEAL[21], b. 4 Oct 1873[20], South Melbourne, Victoria - d. 19 Jun 1939[20], Malvern, Victoria - m. 1919[20], Victoria to Walter Fraser KNIGHT (1866-1935)

  11. THOMAS (JAMES) CLEAL[21], b. 1876[20], Melbourne, Victoria - d. 30 Apr 1961[20], Heidelberg, Victoria - m. 1907[20], Victoria to Alison Elizabeth PYMM (1887-1961)
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