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Last added to Dec 2017

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The IN-LAWS.........
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This section has been too long coming, for which I deeply apologise,
but I firmly believe credit should be given where it's due!

Firstly I would like to thank all my living relatives for providing their current family information,
but for privacy reasons I won't name here. (Please note for reasons of privacy and personal security: there are no living people listed in the tree on this website)
I would also like to thank the many people, who even if they couldn't give me any information DID give me valuable contacts that proved fruitful!!
(Not all these pictures appear on this site)

Carole C., 50th anniversary photo of Robert & Emily (nne Barrett) Butler (circa 1931); Betty W., Mary Sophia Hibbert (nee Lyons) (circa 1865, 1880, 1914, 1917)and some individual family members of that line; Winifred S., Edmund & Elizabeth (nee Ashley) Lyons & Family (circa 1902)and Frederick & Maria (nee Moran) Lyons Family (circa 1916), Rebecca Moran (nee Montieth) (circa 1860)& Joseph Montieth (circa 1843); Di C.William & Rosabella (nee Cleal) Barrett & children (circa 1900); Gladys V. Lyons Butcher shop (circa mid 1880's, 1900, 1905); Elma F. Hans Sandow as a child (circa 1881); Dulcie L., Sarah Jane Craig (nee Vernon) (circa 1942)and various family members of that line; Elsie G., Hugh Craig (circa 1890)and Francis Hugh Craig & wife (circa 1931); Patricia O. Various Vernon family members and family shots; Des. M Various Lowe family member shots; Ida S., numerous Butler and Sandow family members; Janette P. Wedding photo of Alfred Lyons & Harriet Chant (1892).Carolynne B. The photo's of Daniel Cleal, his wife and his son

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